1.What is Betamarket.ng?

Betamarket.ng is an online commerce destination for all local things made and bought in Nigeria. Our mission is to make it easy for LOCAL entrepreneurs (betapreneurs™) and Nigerian consumers (betacustomers) connect and transact business successfully anywhere, anytime.

3. Who is Betamarket.ng Target Audience?

Our target audiences are local businesses [betapreneurs™] and global consumers. Betapreneurs on betamarket.ng are individuals and small businesses that own #MyBetaShop and who also offers betathings with betataste so that they can have the betalife!

5. Do I Need to Set up MyBetaShop to Buy?

NO, you don’t have to own MyBetaShop to be able to buy. But you have to become a registered betacustomer to be able to buy

2. Why Betamarket.ng?

Betamarket.ng exists to champion local businesses to go digital, stay open, reach wider audience by providing them with the platform [tools and technologies] that enables them and global consumers CONNECT, TRANSACT and IMPACT business successfully anywhere anytime!

4. Do I Need to Set up MyBetaShop to Sell?

Yes! You have to set up MyBetaShop to be able to sell to wider audience

6. What type of products can you sell and buy on betamarket.ng?

All [things] made in Nigeria products

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